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We are AMS. Georgia's Top Awarded Insurance Agency for Medicare and individual health insurance.

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Our experienced public speakers educate the community on Medicare planning among other topics. We also help professionals with (1) core hour of continuing education credit. 

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Setting Medicare seniors on the right track with their Medicare coverage is our wheel house. We assist with the entire process from planning and strategizing, to enrolling into and maintaining a plan at no cost.

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With the constant changes surrounding our access to affordable health coverage, we make sure our clients weigh out all of their options to find the perfect plan. We DO NOT charge for these consulting services.

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Our dedicated staff and numerous resources allow us to purchase, lease, or temporarily manage another agent's block of business. We help you grow your block, and make sure you transition out of the business correctly, and at the right price.

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For our clients who have chronic illness, injury, or other critical events, these plans provide financial support throughout their lives when they need it most, and after.

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Deciding whether it's time to retire and come off of your employer health plan or going straight to Medicare is never easy. Luckily, our team specializes in this arena to help you make a confident decision.

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