Are GA Health Insurance Options Dwindling?

So much for choice. In many parts of the country, Obamacare customers will be down to one insurer when they go to sign up for coverage next year on the public exchanges. A central tenet of the federal health law was to offer a range of affordable health plans through competition among private insurers. But a wave of insurer failures and the recent decision by several of the largest companies, including Aetna, to exit markets are leaving large portions of the country with functional monopolies for next year. According to an analysis done for The Upshot by the McKinsey Center for U.S. Health System Reform, 17 percent of Americans eligible for an Affordable Care Act plan may have only one insur

A Millennial's Guide to Life Insurance

Life insurance is depressing. You’re gambling with an insurance company about whether or not you’ll die before a certain age. If you lose your bet, you’re out tens of thousands of dollars. If you “win,” you rake in a handsome 6- or 7-figure payday. Oh, and you’re dead. Pretty fun bet to place in your 20s and 30s, eh? So while I’d rather spend my day waiting in line at the DMV than jump into this morbid topic, we’ve just got to rip this bandaid off. So if you bookmark only one thing today, let it be this post. Better yet, if this is something you’ve been meaning to do, don’t bookmark this post — just do it. Or leave it open as a tab in your browser for a few weeks, making you feel guiltier an

Atlanta Employee Benefits Firm Partners With Gwinnett Specialty Broker

Northwestern Benefit Corporation to partner with Suwanee company specializing in individual insurance ATLANTA, GA, August 1, 2016 ( - Northwestern Benefit Corporation (NB) will partner with Affordable Medicare Solutions (AMS), which will offer both pre-65 and post-65 individual services to individuals and families seeking insurance. AMS will trade its group health policies to NB in exchange for its individual health book of business effective today, August 1st. Sadrac Colin, a valued NB employee, will now be employed by AMS to continue servicing these clients. AMS had been seeking a group benefit partner to take on small group cases they have acquired from other partnerships

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