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Speaking Series on the Difficulties of Aging Comes to Cobb County

A carefully selected collection of professionals will provide their extensive knowledge to the Cobb county senior community this fall through a speaking series on aging. Apart from conventional topics surrounding aging, this panel of experts will delve into subject matter that is crucial, but not often discussed.

In this eight part series, a panel of experts from different senior industries will discuss the often misunderstood information most professionals aren’t telling you. The aging process can be undeniably complex in ways that you and your family never expected. There are difficult decisions to be made, legal documents to be put into place, and of course dealing with the unknown if an accident occurs. This Senior Aging Series will alleviate many questions and concerns that are associated with the process of getting older.

For older citizens and for caregivers, this two month series assures an understanding of the misinformation that directly influences the senior population into making choices that aren’t in their best interest. Tips for identifying this misinformation will be taught, as well as how to make the right personal and customized decision for each differing family. Some of the topics to be discussed include:

September 12th | Keith Nabb | President of Affordable Medicare Solutions

Navigating the Medicare Maze: How do I Truly Know which Plan is best for me?

In this seminar, we will teach you how to properly analyze the thousands of Medicare plan combinations, and how to easily narrow down which ones are best for not only your finances, but your health, and your lifestyle.

September 19th | Brandi Hackett, LMSW | Life’s End Logistics

Caregiving: The Role, Responsibilities, and how to be Successful

This presentation will provide further information on the role of caregiver to an aging loved one - providing statistics, conversation, and real talk about this responsibility.

September 26th | Kelley Napier, CELA | Brannon Black LLC

Seeking an Elder Law Attorney: Ten Tough Questions

Kelley Napier shares her experience in helping her clients answer these questions clearly and decisively, and how the process has had a huge positive impact upon their well-being, their family relationships, and their peace of mind.

October 10th | Amy Hentschel | Senior Provisions

The Senior Living Puzzle: Understanding the recent senior housing boom and your options

Amy Hentschel, an Expert Senior Care Consultant, will explain the dynamics of the recent building boom, review the variety of options available to families, and offer guidance toward personal solutions.

And much more. If you’re interested in attending a session, please register with Kelly Daugherty | 678 910 1579 | Additional details will be disclosed at a later date.

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