Top 5 Reasons to Use an Independent Agent


1. Independent insurance agents have the ability to contract with a number of insurance providers and carriers. This proves beneficial in being able to compare all available plans versus a few plans that are offered by one carrier, like Blue Cross Blue Shield or Aetna. Not every plan is the best option for one person. Each person has different medical needs and preferences, and independent agents can find plans that are customized for each person.


2. As stated above, independent agents can be contracted with a number of different insurance providers. This generally means that these agents are persuaded to learn the details and benefits of each plan that they offer. Independent agents generally hold more knowledge than employees from a corporate carrier, and understand the trends of the market.


3. Sometimes, a year-long Affordable Care Act plan isn’t feasible. There are many cases where a family only needs minimal insurance for a few months to get them through to Medicare, or to get them through to their employer benefits. There are also cases where general insurance plans are flat out unaffordable. Most independent agents know of alternative insurance products that better fit the needs of each family.


4. A successful and established independent agency, will position themselves to be connected with resources in their community to benefit their clients in need. For example, many seniors either outlive their retirement savings, or they simply don’t have enough. There are many resources out there to not only provide funds for the senior to assist them with their medical costs, but there are resources to help them improve their budget and savings strategies.


5. A good independent agency will take care of their clientele all year long. This means providing first-hand assistance with billing issues, paperwork issues, and sometimes claim issues. The agency can often times avoid the long wait times over the phone to an insurance carrier, and know what is needed in order to resolve the issue. Perhaps the best benefit of using an independent agency, is having the opportunity to review your insurance benefits each year with your agent. Plans constantly change. What was best for a family two years ago, may not be the best option today.

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