Guaranteed Acceptance into Medicare Supplement Programs

March 2, 2018

In some cases you may be able to change from a Medicare Advantage plan to a Medicare Supplement plan with guaranteed-issue rights, meaning that the insurance company must accept you as a member and cannot charge you more due to your health condition. However, in some cases the company may be allowed to impose a waiting period on coverage relating to your health condition.


Here are some situations where you may receive guaranteed issue on a Supplement plan:

  • You enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan when you were first eligible for Medicare and you aren’t happy with the plan, which you’ve had for a year or less. 

  • You move to an area your Medicare Advantage plan does not serve.

  • Your Medicare Advantage plan no longer serves the area where you live.

To see if you qualify to move to a Supplement with guaranteed issue, contact our office at 770 945 5261.